QuantCell Beta 1.4 Released: Visualization, JavaScript, Scala and Clojure31-Jan-2014

QuantCell Beta 1.4.0131, released today, improves support for scripting and visualization. ..

Support for Python, Groovy and R Scripting Released.25-Nov-2013

QuantCell version 1.3.1116 was released earlier today. This version of QuantCell introduces Pyth..

JAX Magazine Publishes a Big Data QuantCell Tutorial18-Oct-2013

Today JAX magazine published a tutorial about QuantCell and Big Data. Using QuantCel..

Inside BIGDATA slidecast and demo01-Oct-2013

Today QuantCell was featured on the Inside BIGDATA report by Rich Brueckner: "In this slidecast,..

InfoQ publishes an interview with QuantCell founders21-Aug-2013

Today InfoQ.com published an article about QuantCell Research. Quoting from the article "Most re..

QuantCell's Formula Completion Wizard Released09-Jul-2013

Formula completion wizard is now available for open source code snippets. QuantCell has rel..

QuantCell Presents at the The Emerging Technology SIG in San Francisco.13-Jun-2013

Bending the spreadsheet metaphor to handle big data and chunks of algorithmic code. From..

Logging Frameworks Supported06-May-2013

QuantCell now supports the three main logging frameworks: log4j, slj4 and commons logging. What this..

Billion Matrix Rows and Columns30-Apr-2013

As part of the full value system improvements in QuantCell we have specifically release viewers addr..

SQL support16-Apr-2013

QuantCell has released enhancements enabling analysts to enter SQL directly into the spreadsheet..

Cloudera Certification08-Apr-2013

Our big data developers are now Cloudera Certified Developers. ..

Hadoop and Big Data02-Apr-2013

Native Hadoop and MapReduce available directly from the QuantCell spreadsheet. By taki..

QuantCell Presents at the Big Data Science Meetup in Fremont CA23-Mar-2013

Title : The QuantCell Big Data Spreadsheet for the Financial Industry Speaker: Agust S. Egil..

Apache Ivy Integration Milestone Reached08-Mar-2013

Today the ongoing Apache Ivy integration was successfully tested against a number of examples. ..

QuantCell presents at Java One in San Francisco02-Oct-2012

Title: Java Analytical Models and Big Data: End User Programming in Spreadsheets ..

Java Magazine Publishes an Article About QuantCell Research15-Jul-2012

Today Java Magazine published an article about QuantCell Research titled "Building a Better Spre..